PanelDue STEP files

  • Hello,
    I wanted to share my SETP files of the PanelDue 4.3, i'm sure it can help somebody else like me who doesn't understand OpenScad and who want to build it's own case !
    Holes are well placed but micro USB and 4 way plug are not the exact references.
    Files can be found here:
    A360 link :

    I also share my case with the integrated button for reset function, it can be use as a soft emergency stop (not really sure about this…), but it works fine.
    It could be really nice to replace this erase button by a pause one, maybe more useful !
    This enclosure can be clip on a 30x30 alu profile and be secure with a M3 bolt. Sorry for the rough print below, it was just to validate the design. You can print it without support even with the integrated button.

    Step files are in the same folder as Paneldue.
    A360 link :

  • administrators

    Cool design.

    Adding the ability to trigger a pause using one of the expansion header pins would be useful, we cant replace the erase button though because if invalid firmware is uploaded to a board, erase is required to reset the board so valid firmware can be uploaded via USB.

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