How to remove Sensor not ready error

  • I want setup a Dummy heater so I Put this in to Config.g:

    M308 S5 P"duex.e4temp" Y"thermistor" T100000 B4138 	; configure sensor 5 as thermistor on pin duex.e4temp
    M950 H5 C"e6heat" T5 					; create Dummy heater and map it to sensor 4

    I Tested Sensor 5 using M308 S5 and got this

    M308 S5
    Sensor 5 type Thermistor using pin (e4temp,duex.e4temp,exp.thermistor5,exp.37), reading 40.5, last error: sensor not ready, T:100000.0 B:4138.0 C:0.00e+0 R:4700.0 L:0 H:0

    Now I want to know how I remove This Error

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