Artillery Sidewinder X1 Duet conversion

  • Hello,

    I am new in 3d printing world and just purchased my first Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer. Knowing that I need to spend time learning about the basics, I decided to get a Duet 2 ethernet board and start my initial learning curve using Duet path moving forward. I searched a lot regarding the X1 to Duet conversions and only found small bits here and there. I wanted to know if you guys know of any documented X1 Duet 2 conversion (information) out there or can point me to documents which would help me to replace the X1 controller board with a Duet 2 board.

    Your help is much apriciated.


  • Probably better off regarding it as a "build" and not a conversion.

    See the various Duet getting started docs.

  • Understood, the documentations are the source but small points such as endstops @ 5V in X1 vs 3.3V @ Duet for VCC.

  • Are those endstops switches? Optical? Inductive? 5 vs 3.3... most will run on either.

  • @Vasir I am interested to know if you were successful. I have a X1 and just got a Formbot Troodon, for work, with a Duet 2 wifi and I like the interface better than on the X1. Please let me know if you would do it again given your experience. Thanks

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