Did my DuetWifi just die?

  • I printed fine last night - I have been running with no problems for the great half of the year. I uploaded a new print this morning to kick off and it gave me a driver error reporting on drivers 0 1 2 3 4 - so I rebooted it hoping it was just a glitch - no. The screen and all led lights are flickering.

    First was to check the power supply and that is still staying consistent at 24v - and my lighting LEDs are on. Not sure what the issue could be - couple restarts, reseated power - no luck. See pics please.

    As of right now I am dead in the water.

    Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 9.19.08 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 9.18.59 AM.png

  • I'm sure someone will come along shortly to ask you to post your config file, and probably the output of at least M122command, probably M115 to see which version you're running as well.

  • yes, and post the actual error message that is being produced.

    do check all the fuses if they are in working order.

  • administrators

    There are blue, red and green power LEDs in a group. Which of these 3 are flickering?

  • @dc42 Hey all - finally got time to pull it apart. I replaced the wires with a lower gauge wire and everything works perfectly again. Thanks for the quick responses.

    The issue:
    Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 9.45.32 AM.png

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