Duet 3 mid print stops and unresponsive

  • I have been a long time Duet 2 user and upgraded my core xy printer to duet 3 I purchased from Filastruder, setup with a Pi4. After 3 spools of flawless printing, over the past month, I had prints stopping. The first time was 98% finished, second around 70% and now a third stopped after a couple of minutes. Now the board is unresponsive and the PI doesn't light up unless I plug in USB to power it. Noticed a faint smell but no obvious signs by looking at it.

    All connections look secure with plugs tight, power supply working and 1 red and one blue leds lit. Also checked powersuppply with MM and it is fine at 24v. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated20191201_171326 (1).jpg 20191227_134813.jpg 20191227_134713.jpg

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    Looks like it may be the blue VIN LED and the amber 12V LED that are lit, and neither the red 5V not the green 3.3V ones are lit. Can you confirm that? If so, do they light up if you disconnect the Pi from the Duet?

    What else do you have connected to the Duet or the Pi that draws power?

  • I unplugged the PI and no change on led's. You are correct that only the red and blue in the pic are lit. I have nothing else plugged into the PI and it is still a basic setup= extruder, xyz steppers, hot end heater. The two SSR's are for the mains voltage bed heater and chamber heater which I haven't connected yet.

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    It looks to me that the 5V regulator has failed. Please ask your supplier to replace your Duet under warranty.

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