Problem configuring Filament Directories in DWC

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    I'm attempting to enter filaments in file management to set up load/unload. Every time I click " NEW FILAMENT" I receive errors:" Directory 0:/filaments not found" "Failed to create filament Operation failed (Reason: err 1)" and "Failed to create directory 0:/filaments/Atomic PLA"

    after a bunch of searching I came across 1 thread that said it wasn't on the SD card and they had to pull the card, can anyone let me know how I would go about putting it on the SD card, as in where it would go?FilamentDirectory.png

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    You're probably missing a /filaments/ folder on the root of the SD card. Create it manually by putting the card in your PC.

  • Excellent, thank you. I’ll give that a try tomorrow since I have a print running right now

  • Worked like a charm, put SD card into Computer, added folder "filaments" in root, placed back in Duet, and was able to add the filaments from the DWC and create load and unload macros! Thank you for your help Phaedrux!!!!!!!

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