DUET 3 Fan Control

  • Hi

    I am now building up my 2nd printer with Duet, but this time with DUET3.
    On Duet2WIFI I used the following to control the fan for board cooling.
    M106 P2 T40:50 H100:101:102 ; Set Fan speed to cool MCU

    With DUET3 I am a bit confused as the temp sensors have to be assigned.
    Reading thru dokumentation I could not find a hint on how to control the MCU Temp with a FAN for DUET3...but maybe it was just to late in the night 😉
    Will the M106 like above still work?

    Has somebody already made this with DUET3?

    Can't wait to finish this project 🙂


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    I have not setup a thermostatic fan using MCU temp on Duet 3 however this is how I believe it should work. First you need to setup the output pin you want to use as a fan:

    M950 F2 C"out7"

    Then setup a virtual temperature sensor for the MCU:

    M308 S3 Y"mcutemp" A"mcutemp"

    Then you stick them together using M106

    M106 P2 T45 H3.

  • Working example for hot-end thermo fan:

    M308 S0 P"0.temp0" Y"thermistor" T100000 B3950 A"Bed" 
    M950 F10 C"1.out6"
    M106 P10 S255 H1 T45    ; S = Speed of fan Px, Hxx = heater for thermo mode, T = temps for thermo mode.

    As @T3P3Tony pointed out, only defining the input (M308) to be the proc instead of a pin, only that will be different.

  • Thanks T3P3Tony and Danal

    I will check it out.

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