RRF3 Configure Z probe?

  • Can anyone enlighten me how to configure DC42's ir Z probe in RRF3?
    I have it physically connected to io3.in and in config.sys it is configured as:

    M558 P1 C"io3.in" H5 F120 T6000 ; set Z probe type to unmodulated and the dive height + speeds

    but it is not working or recognised.

    Thanks in advance

  • @chas2706 said in RRF3 Configure Z probe?:


    please post your entire MsDos 6.2 including autoexec.bat.

  • I don't have an IR probe, so perhaps the settings for it are different. I do have a microswitch based probe on Z on a CoreXY printer, and it is configured like this:

    M558 K0 P5 C"io3.in" H5 A5 T6000 S0.02   ; Z probe - Set the height of the bed when homing G28.  Combined with content of bed.g as invoked by G32, levels bed. Also used for Mesh. 
                                               ; P5 = Switch, NC
                                               ; C  = Input Connector
    					   ; Hn = dive height
    					   ;   A bigger dive height prevents a situation where the bed is out of alignment by more than the dive height
    					   ;   on any corner, which can crash the hot-end into the bed while moving the head in XY.
    					   ;   Probing speed and travel speed are similarly reduced in case the Z probe isn't connected properly (or
    					   ;   disconnects later after moving to a point) giving the user more time to stop.
                                               ; An = Number of times to probe each point. 
                                               ; Tnnn = Travel speed between probe points. 
                                               ; Snnn = Tolerance when probing multiple times. Two readings inside this window and we move on. 

    And the home.z looks like this:

    ; Home Z Axis
    G90 G1 X150 Y150 F10000 ; Move to the center of the bed
    M558 F500 ; Set the probing speed
    M558 F50 ; Set a slower probing speed
    ;G32                         ; Run 3-point bed calibration defined in bed.g

    Hope that helps.

  • @Danal
    Thanks for your rapid reply. It works like a charm now. I just made a silly mistake.
    Again, many thanks.

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