Question regarding heat ranges...

  • A friend of mine can't post here because every time he tries, it aborts the post with "Post content was flagged as spam by"

    Here's his question:
    "I have a duet 2 wifi and works great but i am considering building a enclosure for my 3d printer. I am trying to find the safe operating temperature for the board before I begin designing the enclosure. it will come in handy when designing the enclosure."

    Thanks folks!


  • just a thought. you dont need to put the duet inside of the enclosure.

  • As Veti says, don't put the Duet or the power supply into the enclosure.
    As far as allowable heat in the enclosure, I would not push it above 50C as you might exceed the safe temperature for the stepper motors (unless these are outside the enclosure).

  • The Duet is built into the printer (SeeMeCNC Artemis 300). the enclosure temperature is solely driven by the heat coming off of the heated bed.


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