multiple indepentent axis

  • Dear Reader,

    I'm currently installing my duet wifi 2 + duex 5 into my printer. Everything goes super smooth and i'm just starting to play around with the web control.

    I would like to have the XYZ axis function as a normal printer would do (cartesian style) and i would like to use the other 7 stepper motor drives individually.

    I initially thought that configuring them as extruders would do the job, but I found that it then becomes quite hard to run them at the same time on individual speeds/distances. And I would have to combine them all in one tool. This makes custom Gcode commands rather challenging ( did not find a way to make it work).

    So I then found a workaround by configuring them as U, V, W axis. However that only works for 3 axes... How would I then configure the remaining 4 axes..?

    Are there more available axes to configure?

    Last question.. What endstops should I use for these axis? Also, i dont really need the endstops for my purpose but the web controller does not allow me to move without homing....

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    ❤ Duet!!!!

  • @Tricep-terry said in multiple indepentent axis:

    web controller does not allow me to move without homing....

    It is actually the firmware. Issue M564 H0 to override this, and allow move with no home.

  • administrators

    To flag the additional axes as homed, use G92 commands. For example, add this to the end of your homeall.g file:

    G92 U0 V0 W0

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