Need help to understand some terms

  • Hello all,

    i am a 3d Print newbee and i thought Duet Maestro is a good choose. Bud i am a little confused about some terms. may can help me anyone? My questions are:

    1. means Z-Pro Auto bed leveling?
    2. What is the difference between „True Bed Levelling“ and „Run Mesh Compensation“?

    Thanks al lot, René

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    A z probe is a device that detects the surface of the bed. It's usually mounted near the nozzle. The printer will probe the surface of the bed to find out where it is exactly so that the first layer of the print goes exactly where it should so that it sticks.

    There are a few ways that the bed is leveled. Usually there are some adjustment screws on the bed itself that allow you to level it so that the nozzle touches the bed at the same height across the entire surface. But usually the bed surface isn't exactly flat. It can dip like a bowl. Or have a twist to it. And you can never get the nozzle exactly the same height away in this situation.

    That's where mesh compensation comes in. It uses the probe to make a detailed heightmap of the entire bed surface and then it adjusts the position of the nozzle in Z accordingly so that it's always the same distance from the bed.

    Here's an example of leveling.

    And here's an example of using mesh compensation.

  • Ahh, thank you very much, I think it was a good explaining. I understood the following: A Z-probe is the measuring device for measuring the bed surface. For a first rough leveling, I can use the wheel screws under my bed (first could and then heated). Then I can use the "True Bed Leveling" function. After that I can use the "Mesh Compensation" function for fine tuning. The firmware saves the measured values ​​during mash compensation. During a printing process, the printer compares the measured values ​​with the values ​​stored in the firmware and compensates the differences by lowering or raising the Z axis. I don't need a Z-Prob for all of these steps. But a Z-Prob replaced the manual steps. Is this correct so far?

    Could you tell me, which Z-Prob works good with the duet 2 maestro and is easy to mount and easy to use?

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    @reneh said in Need help to understand some terms:

    For a first rough leveling, I can use the wheel screws under my bed (first could and then heated). Then I can use the "True Bed Leveling" function.

    Bed levelling screws and true bed levelling are generally alternatives because you don't need both. True bed levelling requires multiple Z motors (typically 3) driven by separate motor drivers.

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    Here is a video showing true bed leveling in action.

    See how it probes the points near the lead screws and then calculates the amount of correction to apply to each point to level the bed.

  • Hallo dc42 and Phaedrux,

    now it is clear. Thank you very much for your help.

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