Compiled Firmware with 5bar-Scara / Dual-Arm-Scara

  • Hello Everyone,

    i am looking for a compiled Version of the Firmware with 5bar-scara (dual-arm) support for a duet2wifi 1.04 Board. A great guy here in the forums called JoergS5 created it. Found here:

    I spent many many hours in getting the project talked in here:
    to get compiled.

    Finally i got i compiled with eclipse.....BUT.... when i flash (using BOSSA) the binary to the duet2wifi board , nothing works. when i flash back some downloaded .bin it works again. I flashed it with the downloaded binaries for reprap 2.01,2.03 and 2.05... they all work fine.

    My self compiled .bin (also based on 2.01). just doesnt work and i dont know why. I thought if it compiles, it should work....i was wrong 😞

    Can anyone help me out with a compiled firmware with 5bar-scara / dual-arm Scara included ? As i just dont know what to change in the source files or project-settings to generate a valid bin-file.

    Best, Johannes

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    Are you able to compile a binary that works from the 2.05 source files, with no changes?

    If the 5-bar kinematics files that you linked to are reliable, I can add them to the 3.01 firmware release.

  • @dc42 The source files are for RRF2, I am not finished migrating it to RRF3. There are a few changed methods in the kinematics files. I will speed up migrating to RRF3, as Enpixa is the third person who wishes to use this kinematics.

  • @Enpixa I'll give you a RRF3 version next week (a binary), which I ask you to test and report back whether David can add it to the official release. Is it a problem for you to use RRF3 instead of RRF2? RRF3 can run on Duet2Wifi, but needs some configuration file changes.

  • @dc42 didnt check it yet. As i am no programmer, this is my first attempt with Eclipse. Took many many hours and help from several people to get it compiled.

    @JoergS5 Sure, i will test it. as all the necessary changes from RRF2 to RRF3 can be found here:

    I am in a very early stage of the project i think it doesnt make a big change for me.

    Thanks alot !

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    Hi @JoergS5, I wasn't expecting you to respond quickly, as I saw that you hadn't committed any changes recently.

    I've just adapted your FiveBarScara Kinematics files for RRF3 and committed them to the 3.01 branch. I've allocated kinematics type 9 for this kinematics. I left a couple of "TODO" comments where I wasn't sure whether anything else ought to be done to take account of additional parameters. They should only involve limit checking, so with luck the basic kinematics should work as well as it did in RRF2.

  • @dc42 Thanks a lot, I will start at the checked in version, this makes life easiert for me.

  • Thanks to you both ! It is awesome to find such great support in this forum ! I cant tell you how happy it makes me to see a new drawing-bot will do its first correct moves soon 🙂

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    I could let you have a RRF3 binary with the support compiled in now, but I have no way of testing that kinematics. So it would be better for @JoergS5 to test it first.

  • Please wait, I'll tell you the test results soon.

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