Error when create filaments profils

  • Hello,

    Sorry for my english, in general I speak french...

    So, my problem appear when I try to create new filaments, the system didn't find "filaments" directory, I try to create directly by Duet_Web_Control interface, don't work.
    Then I remove the SD card from the Duet and put it in my PC, I create the "filaments" directory manualy, don't work...

    I delete and create a second time the "filaments" directory by Duet_Web_Control interface and restart the board.

    After that, when I try to create a new filamant, the system said that he can't create the directory "PLA" from my exemple below.

    What is wrong in my process ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Here is the error message :

    Problem Creation Filament.jpg

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    Put the SD card in your PC and create a folder called 'filaments'.

  • @Phaedrux said in Error when create filaments profils:

    Put the SD card in your PC and create a folder called 'filaments'.

    In sys directory or in root directory ?

    I found the 2 informations in the forum...


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    in the root of the SD card

  • OK, it's working when the "filament" folder is created in root, not in sys directory.


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