Printed terminal extraction tool

  • As posted in a random youtube link earlier a 3d printed tool to assist in extracting pins from the connectors used on the Duet boards for fans, endstops (and motors prior to Duet3).

    Only had molex clones on hand for testing, but feel free to give feedback or make alterations, solid file provided:

    Hope someone finds it usefull. I'll do another for the VH3.96, and XH2.54 another day if no one beats me to it. The latter should be very usefull for users upgrading from most factory 8-bit boards.

  • Interesting idea. I will give it a try. Can you pull only a pin or two without bending the rest?

    I am using those Chinese tools (available everywhere) since the tools from the original connector manufacturers tend to be overpriced.

    Edit: cutting all the bumps but one should allow manipulating one pin at a time.

  • Huh, I haven't even thought about using those - i have at least two sets around for pulling round terminals.

    The interesting thing is that it doesn't seem to bend the terminal much, if any at all, unike violently stabbing it with a screw driver they slip back in and clicks in place without manipulation (at least the 6-7-8 times I tried). As such I can press down all of them and just pull the one wire if need be.

    But I've tried getting at the pins on the edges or without neighbors and that works without modification, snipping off some teeth should also work.

  • I tried it but didn't work well with my print (PLA, standards settings). I was able to pull the wires but in two of the the three that little metal lip of the pin flipped to the other side.

    I think the issue is that the corner of the bump that is supposed to press that locking leap is not sharp enough and thus doesn't press it down sufficiently. A similar tool from metal can potentially do a better job.

  • Interesting, mine in ABS, with the surface gently filed smooth works pretty well. PLA should me more rigid, could it be its catching on the layer lines?

    I'll try PLA in a few days as I need to make a PLA print during the week anyway. If not I guess I'll get started on that metal printer>D

  • I think that the problem is that my print doesn't have a sharp corner at the end of the bump where it needs to press the locking leap of the pin. Not sure if it's the model or a limitation of my printer.


  • Right, yeah, mine is a bit sharper which it'll have to be. Its one of two edges that does not have fillets/radius applied for that reason.

    I suppose could make it oversized to file/sand to size post printing if it helps

    Edit: Model should be even sharper than my print

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