Maximum number of tools with offsets

  • I want to make a tool changer for my micro mill. Is there a maximum number of tools that can be assigned with individual Z offsets for each one? I'm thinking 10-20 would be nice. I probably should know the answer but its been some time since I delved in to the nuts and bolts of RRF/Duet.

  • A VERY quick look at the firmware, it seems all the array associated with T and G10 and so forth are sized by the maximum number of drives.

    So for tool changing printers with a stepper per tool, this is great. For the incredibly few printers out there that share a motor across multiple tools, this could be a problem.

  • Would that still apply if we are talking about a spindle that doesn't use any drives but is controlled using M280? It has the ability to change end mills, drills, etc. via compressed air to unclamp/clamp. I think one work around would be to use a different WCS, i.e G54-G59.3 which would yield 9 Z offsets for different tools. Albeit not the most elegant way.

  • At this time, to my reading, drivers are the way it is set. Tools that don't use drivers wouldn't increase this number.

    @DC42 can answer this more completely, and/or adjust the code to all a reasonable number of tools as the default, depending on memory size of the tool objects. Perhaps 99? And limit parsing to T (and other similar things) to two digits?

    I'm over-speculating.

  • And... I believe the symbols that set this number at compile time set it to at least 10 in RRF2 (Duet 5 drivers plus DUEX 5 drivers), and I'm not sure what that assumption about max drivers would be in RRF3, given Duet3's chained expansion boards.

  • I've started peaking down the same road, but came to the same conclusion as Danal, so for now I'm curiously awaiting the conditional g-code release to see if there is functions there to be used.

    Alternatively I'll see if I can get Fusion to talk to the Duet when it comes to probing tools and updating the Fusion tool library, but I'd rather not be tied to Fusion even though its the only free CAM solution I've really enjoyed using.

  • I know David has a $hi+ ton to do but I am surely hoping this can be sorted in the future. That and the plan for closed loop control would mean I wouldn't have to jump ship for the next 2 Mills and a lathe already in the works. 1 Duet mill and 2, Duet 3d printers, I can manage well enough..... I'm getting too old for another learning curve

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    The only limit to the number of tools you can create is the amount of free RAM.

  • Haha. Thanks for clarification Sir. I'll post pictures/video when the 15'ish station ATC is complete.

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