BLV MGN Cube Neopixel Question

  • Neopixel Question for the group. Using a Duet2 WiFi board with RRF3.0. I have a dual extruder system and am wondering if any other dual extrusion BLV MGN users have encountered this issue and if you did, how you fixed it.

    This Printer build uses three Neopixel rings on the front driven by an Arduino Pro Mini connected to the Duet2 board's: "Conn_SD" Pin 10. This output is decoded by the arduino and the three rings report the status of the bed, motion and extruder using color and animations.

    The issue is, If I heat up Tool 0, the Heat status lights animate properly. Shutting off Tool 0 heat and heating up Tool 1, There is no heater status and the lights don't animate. For some reason, Conn_SD, Pin 10, used for the Neopixel Lights is only outputting the heat status from Tool 0 only. It's as if the system is only configured with a single tool.

    Does anyone familiar with this setup have any idea why?

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    Are you using the M408 response to get the heater status, or something else?

  • @dc42, I'm not sure. I'm connected to the Duet via Pin 10 of the "Conn_SD" header so whatever it's outputting is what the Arduino is reading. I did find out the gentleman that wrote the Arduino code, said it was only written to monitor tool 0. He offered to rewrite the code to monitor both tools and output the second tool on another Arduino output to a separate Neopixel ring. I've taken him up on the idea and am in the process of adding the fourth Neo Ring to the front panel of the printer.

  • @dc42 David it uses a Arduino Nano or similar that piggy backs the PanelDue and gets the info from there

    Details are in there is a wiring diagram lower down the page.

    It would be great if a similar thing could be added to DSF for the Duet3.

    I believe the Nano way does require a PanelDue to be connected for it to work and I suspect that is because the data stream is only there if the panel is detected (I Could be way of the mark here mind) But if I am right could that data stream be a configured output so that it is there even if no Panel is there?

    Unfortunately my Software skills are almost non existent so I am not capable of this.



  • @Dougal1957 I have a blv with the neopixels and a paneldue, and upgraded to a duet3 from the duet2

    Both the paneldue and the neopixels work flawlessly without any modification, simply by installing the paneldue on io0 as documented, then also connecting io0.out to the RDX pin on the arduino to sniff out the traffic. Works.

  • You should post this on the Facebook page as their's more users familiar with the BLV Cube and the creator of the sketch is on there as well.

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