Upgrade question from RepRap 2 to RepRap 3

  • Sooner or later I would like to upgrade from2.x to 3.0 but I have a well working system and I am afraid of bricking it. So here are a couple of fundamental questions which have likely been answered but it is daunting to try and find these answers .... so apologies if I should have made more of an effort to search fora previous answer.

    1. I am assuming RepRap 3 works on the Duet 2 wifi ... is this correct?
    2. Suppose I want to migrate from 2 to 3 .... can I just make a new SD card to put Reprap 3 on and when it all goes pear shaped (which it surely will) I can insert the old card and be up and running again ?

  • 1, yep, works well as far as I can tell so far.
    2, I see no reason why this won't work, and a good Idea. Wish I would have done it that way.
    3. The RepRap Configurator is you friend. It will at the very least, get you close.

  • Thanks for confirming and yes, I am planning to use the configurator as I already have too many dents in my wall from bashing my head against the wall 🙂

  • @jens55 LOL. I hear ya. I spent two days trying to manually converting my old config.g file. What a complete waist of time that was.

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    @jrsphoto For testing, I have folders in the sys folder named RRF2 and RRF3. These hold config files specific to each firmware version, including homing and tool change files; basically all the .g files. In the main sys folder I have a simple config.g that switches between these using M505 Set configuration file folder:

    M505 P"RRF2"
    ;M505 P"RRF3"
    M98 P"config.g"

    The sys folder also holds the iap files (used for updating firmware), the firmware .bin files and the heightmap.csv file. When I want to switch firmware, I edit the semi-colon comment mark in front of the relevant command in sys/config.g, and upload the firmware binary that I want to use, and allow it to install the firmware. The Duet resets after flashing the firmware, and runs the relevant config.g file.

    Using this you can experiment with RRF3, while maintaining a working setup with RRF2 you can swap back to.

    Edit: FAO @jens55 too!


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