Error uploading g.code files Duet3 RRF3.0

  • When trying to upload gcode from DWC I now get this error:

    Screenshot (5).png

    Just in case there was an issue with the pi image I have flashed a new one but the error persists.

    Can anyone help?

  • can you attach the file you're trying to upload?

  • @bearer

    Its this one:


    But I now think it is a slicer issue rather than RRF.

  • I had that error... and I am not absolutely certain, but I think it was DWC release too far behind firmware release.


  • @Danal

    It cant be the case for me. The system is all up to date with the latest RRF, DSF and DWC.

    I re-installed my slicer software and now I can upload the files without error but I have some strange things happening:

    After uploading a test print and starting the print, as the heaters were reaching temperature I got an e-stop message and had to abandon the print.
    No physical e-stop had been pressed by me.
    The second start of print went fine without any problems. Then I decided to print again with slightly different jerk speeds. For some unknown reason the print stopped half way through with the extruder stuck on top of the print.
    There were no print finished messages or anything but I clicked on cancel print and got the message " Cant cancel print, no print running".

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