Add Kinetica G2 board support

  • Hello @dc42 , hello community,

    following PR process I am starting discussion about how to add a new board in the nice RepRap firmware
    I am helping @royco to get support on his Kinetica G2C board

    The board is based on Duet2 Maestro/Duet2 Wifi
    4 drivers TMC2209
    1 Heatbed/1 Hotend
    2 Fan mosfets
    3 thermistor inputs
    Supports PanelDue/128x64 graphic LCD display
    Supports WiFi (esp8266) or Ethernet modules, the serial to flash esp8266 is shared with panel serial and done using jumpers.
    Creality main board profile


    I worked on support based on 2.5rc1 but I can update as it was before Xmas ^_^,
    I did not check the 3.0beta12 as we focused on existing base first

    What I modified :
    CoreNG with SAM4S_PDBOARD

    The variant is SAM4S8C and the flag is PDBOARD because of some modifications for the ESP8266 board and also UDD_ENABLE, UDD_NO_SLEEP_MGR like Maestro

    commit :

    Board use KINETICA_G2 as flag and of course SAM4S8C ,RTOS, PDBOARD


    I have added define for Kinetica in reprap code and also excluded kinetica directory from all others boards.

    I am still wondering if adding the PDBOARD is necessary in DUETIAP, so it is not done yet

    I should say I am not super good about the eclipse configuration part: .cproject, it seems different according eclipse version, when it looks ok in eclipse UI, it seems little bit messy in editing .cproject file, especially for reprap part.

    About code addition:
    Because serial is shared between ESP8266 and Panel when updating ESP firmware, I have added a function to disable/enable the GCODE input on the serial in WiFiInterface.cpp when doing update, reprap.GetGCodes().SetInputActive(6,false); and reprap.GetGCodes().SetInputActive(6,true);, may be the enabling is not necessary because screen need a restart but for safety I did it.

    I fixed some warnings due new pinout

    Feel free to ask me or to @royco if you have any question ^_^

    Please let us know your comments and advices, so we could move forward to push a PR in github.

    Thank you

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    Hi @LucTH,

    @LucTH said in Add Kinetica G2 board support:

    I am still wondering if adding the PDBOARD is necessary in DUETIAP, so it is not done yet

    If the DIAG LED pin, SD card CD pin and USB VBus pin are the same as on the Maestro, then I think the IAP for Duet Maestro should work.

    The existing TMC2208 drivers will work with the TMC2209, but without stall detection. We will add support for stall detection soon, because our Duet 3 Tool Board uses TMC2209. Have you changed the sense resistor value? On the Maestro we chose the value to give 1.6A full scale, but you might want to increase the range a little for the TMC2209, which would require a lower value sense resistor (and a corresponding increase in the current setting increment).

    HTH David

  • Hi @dc42

    A different sense resistor value was used (0.10 ohm), still testing as to what max current it can be run.

    Nice to hear stall detection is being added.


  • Ok,
    it looks like Kinetica does not use same CS pin as Maestro and does not have USB Vbus pin, so I have to add an entry in DuetIAP
    Noted ^_^
    Thank you

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