How can I connect AC servo motors to Duet3 Main board?

  • I am currently driving XY-axis by connecting Duet2 Ethernet board + Duet Expansion Breakout Board + 2 Panasonic AC servo motors.

    I want to replace it with Duet3 board. What is the way?

  • I believe that Duet 3 hardware does not directly support external drivers/motors.

    You can, however, run Rep-Rap Firmware 3 (RRF3) on your existing Duet 2, if you are seeking the new features of R3 firmware.

  • self-reply for one watching this.

    Panasonic servo driver supports 3 input-modes.

    1. CW + CCW (aka. pulse train)
    2. Pulse + Direction
    3. 2 phased input !!!

    I'm trying the 3rd mode to connect Duet-3 board and servo motor driver with a minimum peripheral circuits.

    I will post a result. ^^

  • Curious, what is the motivation to replace by Duet3 if not to take advantage of high power drivers or CAN bus if you don't mind sharing?

  • @bearer I need high torque step-motors and servo-motors and rich digital IOs. ^^ (Duet2 board has a few digital outputs)

  • I think there was talk of a breakout expansion board that included step/dir access, but I can see that isn't present on the main board, or current multi stepper expansion board. You'd have to wait for one of the Duet team to confirm that.

    ...having said this I can't find where I read it, so I may have muddled a few different topics!

  • @DocTrucker I remember this as well. I'm hoping a breakout is developed since I'd like to control servo drives as well.

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