RRF3 Current Layer Anomaly - M404 related?

  • During my upgrade to RRF v3.0 I added the following to my config.g

    M404 N1.78 D0.4

    Since then I have noticed that the "Current Layer" on the status screen remains at zero for the first five layers I print (model layer height is 0.2mm) and then when the print ends the Current Layer is 5 less than the Total Layers it is being compared to on the status window. There is no actual issue with the print other than this reporting discrepancy.

    In the Gcode section of the Wiki it says ,"The 'D' parameter is used to properly detect the first layer height when files are parsed or a new print is being started."

    Is this M404 command causing this anomaly or could it be something else?

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