DWC 2.0.6 released

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    I'm happy to announce the release of DWC 2.0.6. It brings a ton of bug fixes and slight improvements since v2.0.4.
    The full changelogs since v2.0.4 can be found here and here - the web interface update can be downloaded here.

    The main improvements are

    • Improved auto-complete list, conditional G-code keyword detection, and support for G-code expressions
    • Improved text editor
    • Support for M505
    • Added Spanish translations (thanks ajtudela)

    Next up a G-code preview and more changes to fully support the new RRF3 object model are planned.

  • Is there a package up on the package server?

    Nm, forgot to do apt-get update first

  • @chrishamm regards "Added back support for the Duet 0.6/0.8.5" when did supeoprt get removed? I've been running DWC2 on my v0.6 and v0.8.5 for a while.

  • @DocTrucker I have noticed on my 0.6 Duet that with uploading newer versions of RRF the DWC does not auo-update anymore. It needs to be done by a manual M997. I think this behaviour got reversed back.

  • @chrishamm

    I notice that when running G32 it no longer reports the results, either in console or the popup in the corner

    Duet 3 w/ Raspberry Pi 4
    RRF 3.0
    DWC 2.0.6


    I suppose it could be a RRF issue, but I only noticed it when I updated DWC

  • I miss a camera icon on the sidebar. Is it just me?

  • @DeltaCon I did put a bug report in for the simulation time not updating without pressing the reload button. Perhaps related!

  • @smoki3 I had to reconfigure the URL of the webcam after updating. The settings didn’t carry over.

  • @OwenD Yeah I know but the Icon is missing:

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-30 um 22.03.22.png

  • I have an other bug:

    The move steps for the axis jog buttons are not saved for UVW axis. I always change it for the U,V,W axis to 1; 2; 5; 10; 15 but it always change back to default. In the dwc2settings.json it is fine .

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-30 um 22.10.58.png

    {"main":{"language":"de","lastHostname":"","darkTheme":true,"useBinaryPrefix":true,"disableAutoComplete":false,"settingsStorageLocal":false,"settingsSaveDelay":2000,"cacheStorageLocal":true,"cacheSaveDelay":4000,"notifications":{"errorsPersistent":true,"timeout":5000},"webcam":{"url":"http://ugk3z05ryxhzbdqj.myfritz.net:5051/stream","updateInterval":5000,"useFix":false,"embedded":true,"rotation":0,"flip":"none"}},"machine":{"ajaxRetries":2,"updateInterval":250,"extendedUpdateEvery":20,"fileTransferRetryThreshold":358400,"crcUploads":true,"pingInterval":2000,"babystepAmount":0.01,"codes":["M0","M1","M122","M203 X35000 Y35000 Z1200 U5000 V1200 W2400 E5000:5000:5000:5000","M207 Z0.2","M409","M409 F\"v\"","M409 K\"#move.axes\"","M409 K\"Tools\"","M409 K\"heat\"","M409 K\"move.axes\"","M409 K\"move.axes\" F\"f\"","M409 K\"move.axes[0] F\"v,n,d4\"","M409 K\"move.axes[].homed\"","M409 K\"state\"","M409 K\"tools\"","M84","M915 A S-10 H200 F0 R0","M915 A S-10 H350 F0 R0","M915 A S-20 H200 F0 R0","M915 A S-40 H200 F0 R0","M915 A S-40 H350 F0 R0","M915 A S-5 H200 F0 R0","M915 A S-60 H350 F0 R0","M915 A S0 H200 F0 R0","M915 A S2 H200 F0 R0","M915 A S5 H200 F0 R0","echo #state.status","echo heat.heaters[0].state","echo heat.heaters[1].state","echo heat.heaters[state.currentTool+1].current","echo heat.heaters[state.currentTool+1].state","echo heat.heaters[state.currentTool].state","echo state.status"],"displayedExtraTemperatures":[],"displayedExtruders":[0,1,2,3],"displayedFans":[1,2,-1,3,0,5,7],"moveSteps":{"X":[100,50,10,1,0.1],"Y":[100,50,10,1,0.1],"Z":[50,25,1,0.5,0.01],"default":[100,50,10,1,0.1],"W":[15,10,5,2,1],"V":[15,10,5,2,1],"U":[15,10,5,2,1]},"moveFeedrate":6000,"extruderAmounts":[100,50,20,10,5,1],"extruderFeedrates":[60,30,15,5,1],"temperatures":{"tool":{"active":[250,235,220,205,195,160,100,0],"standby":[180,160,140,0]},"bed":{"active":[110,100,90,70,65,60,0],"standby":[0]},"chamber":[90,80,70,60,50,40,0]},"spindleRPM":[10000,75000,5000,2500,1000,0]}}

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