DWC 2.0.6 released

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    I'm happy to announce the release of DWC 2.0.6. It brings a ton of bug fixes and slight improvements since v2.0.4.
    The full changelogs since v2.0.4 can be found here and here - the web interface update can be downloaded here.

    The main improvements are

    • Improved auto-complete list, conditional G-code keyword detection, and support for G-code expressions
    • Improved text editor
    • Support for M505
    • Added Spanish translations (thanks ajtudela)

    Next up a G-code preview and more changes to fully support the new RRF3 object model are planned.

  • Is there a package up on the package server?

    Nm, forgot to do apt-get update first

  • @chrishamm regards "Added back support for the Duet 0.6/0.8.5" when did supeoprt get removed? I've been running DWC2 on my v0.6 and v0.8.5 for a while.

  • @DocTrucker I have noticed on my 0.6 Duet that with uploading newer versions of RRF the DWC does not auo-update anymore. It needs to be done by a manual M997. I think this behaviour got reversed back.

  • @chrishamm

    I notice that when running G32 it no longer reports the results, either in console or the popup in the corner

    Duet 3 w/ Raspberry Pi 4
    RRF 3.0
    DWC 2.0.6


    I suppose it could be a RRF issue, but I only noticed it when I updated DWC

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