Updating issues with both DWC and RRF

  • I bought a Duet2 Ethernet board about a year and a half ago, mounted it to my then broken printer and tried to fix it. Got the board running but niced afterwards that my X axis was hopelessly bent. Skip forward to 2 weeks ago when I finally received a new machine.

    So i hooked up my old Duet board and set it up for the new printer.

    After I got everything working I decided to do some updates.

    At that point i was running DWC 1.19 and RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet 2.03beta3 (2019-03-25b6)

    After finding the files for DWC 2.0.6 I pasted these into the /www Folder on my SD-Card and I got a new DWC Interface. However, when I go to the "General" Tab under Settings, I am being told that I am running DWC 2.0.4 - Strange...

    Anyways, happy with the new interface I decided to then update to RRF 3.0

    Got the files from gitHub, uploaded it trough the "Upload System Files" Option in DWC and confirmed the installation of the new firmware.

    I immediately got an M997 S0 Error: M997: In-application programming binary "iap4e.bin" not found

    So I got googling and found out that I need to download the file from this link : https://github.com/dc42/DuetIAP/blob/master/Release/iap4e.bin

    After that I tried again installing the firmware, and this time I got no error. However, DWC still shows that I am running on RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet 2.03beta3 (2019-03-25b6), and my config.g still works.

    What did I do wrong/did I miss? Is it possible that I need to do some sort of intermittend update to get this to work? And why was iap4e missing when I was already running 2.03? After all that I've read this issue should only be faced when updating from 1.19 or previous, no?

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated as I am kind of lost

  • Any specific reason you are going to 3 at this time? Personally, given the history/description, I'd go to the latest full release of 2.

  • I'd second, DON'T GO TO v3, as personally I don't think it's ready for mere mortals, and the changes to DWC make it unusable, for those that wear glasses, use small scree laptops etc (is there any usability testing ??).

  • @Danal I need the intermittend 3.0 update to get to 3.01beta, I have multiple Tools I can attach to my carriage, not all meant for 3D-Printing- Conditional GCode would go a long way in saving me some setup time between operations. I'll probably wait for 3.01RC2 or so, but at least I want to start adapting my configs to the new conventions.

    It does seem as though I was simply missing some intermittend updates, I've reverted to my initial backup of the SD-card and progressively installed the separate updates up to 2.05, reinstalled DWC trough the "upload system files" and then it magically worked.

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    Nothing wrong with jumping straight into RRF3, since you haven't used RRF2 a lot you won't have much to relearn. However it will likely be easiest if you start with a full working RRF2 implementation so that you know everything is working as it should. Then you also have something to revert to if need be when implementing RRF3.

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