Power supply recomendation - Mean Well UHP series

  • Not directly related to duet but I thought it may be useful for some. If you are looking for a power supply for your 3D printer, I recommend considering the Mean Well UHP series. They are fan-less (quiet), have high efficiency (low heat), low profile, reasonably priced, property certified for safety, and well built (aluminum extrusion base and potted).

    I used MEAN WELL RSP-500-24 for a few months and it worked well but when the fan came on it was very noisy so recently switched to UHP-500R and am very happy with it. This is a 500W/24V power supply, they have other voltage and power combinations as well.


    (I have no affiliation with Mean Well, just a user)

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    They also have more reasonably priced fanless PSUs in the 200ish watt range that work perfect for printers with AC heat beds.

    Such as: https://www.meanwell.com/webapp/product/search.aspx?prod=LRS-200

  • @zapta said in Power supply recomendation - Mean Well UHP series:


    i got the 350 watt version of it and i am happy with it as well.

    if you are feeling confident enough you could mod the other psu to fit a 80mm fan on the outside by drilling a hole with a hole saw.

  • @Pahedrux, AC heat bed was on my todo list but now that I found a good fanless 24V PS I think I will stay with it for thermal and electrical safety. The 350W bed and the hotend heat in parallel at about the same time so I will not gain much from higher bed power.

    @Veti, I may install a quiet fan on the printer's frame to circulate air around but even if my printer puts full load (~17A), the hottest point on the PS I can see with an IR camera is ~45C while some stepper drivers are at ~60C so they may benefit more from a fan.

  • I see an aluminum plate could be fit under side.
    So a water-cooled plate could cooling the UHP psu without noise ?

  • @pipersw, I am not sure if it's even needed. It's very efficient. I installed it on an aluminum panel that holds the electronics in my printer. Initially I planned to add silicon pad for better heat transfer but realized it's not really necessary.

    I would suggest to first try without active cooling and see what temp you get on the PSU's chassis.

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