Running Duet2 Wifi printer without a wireless connection

  • I would like to set up my machine in a "demo" mode, where I can print files already on the SD card in an environment where I dont have a wireless network.

    Currently, the popup error messages associated with not having a wireless connection keep showing on the PanelDue 5i and they obstruct the other menu buttons making it impossible to select files from the SD card.
    Is there a way to disable the error messages so they don't keep popping up?

    My Hardware setup is: Duet2 Wifi 1.04C + Duex5 and PanelDue 5i
    FW: RRF3

  • @Scrabart try disabling WiFi.
    M552 S0

  • Thanks. That seems to work.
    I guess I was concerned that I would't be able to re-connect unless I had a USB connection, but I see that I can just use M552 S1 at the console on the PanelDue.
    Thanks for helping with what should have been obvious to me. I'm not used to this hardware.

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