Auto tune for heater not helping

  • I have calibrated the hotend and the bed. The hotend does fine when warming up for the print but the bed still throws faults. "Error: Heating fault on heater 0, temperature rising much more slowly than the expected 1.7°C/sec"

    What can I do to increase the expected temp/sec?

  • You can't increase the speed of the bed heater, it will go at it's own pace. The only thing you can do is to drop what the Duet things is the appropriate temperature rise and that usualy will involve a retune.
    First, retune the bed. Make sure the bed is at room temperature when you start!
    Look at the temperature - is it increasing at the rate you think it should (approximately). Is the temperature graph smooth or are there sudden dips and rises that could indicate a faulty sensor?
    We need more details on what happens when it throws the error. Is it when the bed is cold, when it's been hot for a while, when it's trying to get up in temperature? Look a the temperature graph when it throws the error and report what you see.

  • Thank you. After the room temp re-tune it seemed to fix this issue.

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