Problem with Duet 2 Wifi board

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    What do I do with it ? The contact moves. I have 3 days. I could have soldered it, but what about the warranty?

  • I'd also be tempted to repair it myself, but i see other solder joints that are also suspect. I would have preferred to have the whole board replaced and save yourself form almost certain headaches down the road. (I don't doubt Duet3d would replace it at a later point, but the relatively likely failure would still be a pain)

  • Replace ... I agree that there are other joints that look suspect and if the soldering conditions were off for some reason it could show up in weird and wonderful intermittent results even years down the road. Not worth the stomach lining to try and fix.

  • Thank. However, I will not touch anything. I don't like the rest of these connectors : /

  • Good call, I suspect Duet3d would be interested in showing their assembly house this to improve quality control.

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    @AG3D_STUDIO, I am sorry you have received a board with sub-standard soldering on that connector. Please ask your supplier for a replacement under warranty. Before you send it back, please report the serial number on the sticker on the main chip so that we can identify which of our two suppliers assembled it.

  • OK. Message sent.

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