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  • I'm sorry for this, I just want to make sure someone else doesn't struggle like I did before I enabled M500 for saving calibration parameters.

    After Autocalibration in the latest firmware for the duet wifi with the ir sensor, after four calibrations I get consistent numbers:

    Calibrated 6 factors using 10 points, deviation before 0.094 after 0.094

    I then send M665 and M666

    Diagonal 231.330, delta radius 114.692, homed height 284.760, bed radius 70.0, X 0.703°, Y 0.161°, Z 0.000°

    Endstop adjustments X1.10 Y1.72 Z-2.82, tilt X0.37% Y-2.16%

    M500 will save it to the override file. (If set up prior to calibration unsure if this is default or not, it was not in 1.17)

    After sending M500, the new delta parameters (in the config override file) were:

    M665 L231.330 R114.692 H284.760 B70.0 X0.703 Y0.161 Z0.000
    M666 X1.099 Y1.721 Z-2.820 A0.37 B-2.16

    I then copy and paste this to the normal config.g file.

    This confused me for a long time prior to setting up the override file.

    Could you edit the wiki to explain this a bit better? The M665 and M666 do not give examples for everything for a COMPLETE noob. Could you just add more examples? If I had a problem initially, someone else may as well.

  • How best to put it. I'd say this:
    Firmware 1.18 onwards
    Home your delta printer.
    Press autocalibrate on DWC or Paneldue or send G32.
    Probing will return a result with a deviation value. You are aiming for this to be as low as possible, a good result is into the 0.0x range.
    It might be beneficial to immediately repeat the process, which will iterate and close in on the final value, a well built machine should only need 1-3 repeats. You do not need to save settings or record the values during this process, only do this once you are finished.
    You can view the calibration parameters generated by typing M665 and M666 into the console. These values are now the active calibration and will determine how your delta moves, until you power off your machine.
    If you are happy with the values you can send m500 to write these to a config_override.g file which is automatically loaded on power up.
    It might be beneficial to copy the M665 and M666 commands from the override file, back to your config.g so that should you need to delete config_override.g you begin the process closer to the ideal calibration.

    That sort of thing?

  • Wait, so am I the only one that like legitimately shuts off his printer when he's not printing? Haha.

    Is M500 default in new sd config files? I needed to add an M501 in my config.g file, to enable auto save. From the most recent sd contents in DC42's fork of reprapfirmware, it appears that it is not listed as a default command. I would either add it in as a default command that people will copy, or make a note of it next to the calibration related g/m codes.

    From someone starting off where I did, it may not be clear how to get from blank SD card to auto calibration auto save. Then again, I shut my printer off and just want everything to work. Still learning this stuff, but yeah, that sounds good.

  • administrators

    Thank you for the recommendations on how to improve the documentation, I really appreciate this!

    I have edited the wiki here:

    Also you need to add M501 to the end of the config.g if its not there already.

    It was explained in M501 section of the gcode page but not M500 so I added that:

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