Extrude/retract UI in PanelDue and WebUI

  • Is there a way to modify the steps per mm for these controls? I have installed a Zesty Nimble and the turning ratio from the stepper to the hobbed gear is WAY different from the default setting I used for the E3D tool changer.

  • Just the UI? No. I believe what you need to adjust is steps per mm on the E0 axis.

    M92 Ennn

  • The extrusion rate in the config for that tool is set correctly for when it is printing. While printing it works fine.
    But it is not correct when I use the UI in the panel or the web interfaces. Those must be set somewhere else.

  • The UI just issues GCode commands. Pressing the extrude button with the GUI set like the example below issues this sequence:

    M120         ;Push
    M83          ;Extruder relative
    G1 E10 F300  ;Actual extrusion
    M121         ;Pop

    Specifically note the G1 E10 F300. This is exactly what would be in a print job. It literally can't be a different steps/mm.

    So... what symptom are you seeing? If you press the "extrude" button with the amount set to 100, how much do you get? If you execute a G1 E100 F900 via the console, how much do you get? If you make a one line job with the same G1 and run it, how much do you get?


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