GL-8H endstop on Sidewinder X1

  • I am attempting to convert an Evnovo Sidewinder X1. The endstops used are Sunx GL-8H types, which according to Panasonic, the new owners of Sunx, are inductive sensors that require 12-24V supply voltage. Would these work on a Duet Maestro if I connect the VIN pin for the probe to the 24V supply? The input pin is documented to work up to 30V and should be able to handle it?

  • Thinking about this some more, the sensors work fine on the original MKS Gen L board, which provides 5V to the VIN pin of the sensor. So 5V from e.g. the PanelDue connector should suffice, correct?

  • @ofliduet Confirmed. Using the 5V supply from the Z Probe connector, the GL-8H sensor works. One axis homed, two to go.

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