Cannnot get steppers to move

  • So I am converting a Davinci Pro to a DuetWifi…. I have finished wiring up everything which was much easier than I thought it was going to be because the DuetWifi is a much simpler design than the original control board using less wires.

    The problem is when I try to jog any of the axis using the PanelDue the motors make noise but never actually move. What am I missing?

  • Are you sure the steppers are wired correctly? Sounds like the 4 stepper wires may be connected out of order.

  • It turned out I needed to upload configuration for Catersan 🙂

    now I am trying to troubleshoot the endstops …. Do the opto sensors on the Davinci Pro not work with DuetWifi?

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    Use M119 or the Machine Properties page of the web interface to see whether the triggered/not triggered status read by the firmware is correct.

    Check that you have the correct pin connections on the 3-pin connector. The order of the pins is not the same as on RAMPS.

    Some designs of optical endstops only work on a 5V supply as shipped and need to be modified to work on 3.3V. If this is the case with yours, the symptom is likely to be that the endstops appear to be always triggered. But that's also a likely symptom if you have mis-wired them.

  • I tried wiring them in each possible config, unfortunatly the sensors are cryptically labeled. Just ordered some new ones from amazon, I wish you guys would post a list of compatible opto endstops would be easier than trial and error, none of the manufacturers i found list the voltage some in reviews were poor designs so i just pucked the one with the best reviews hopefully they work.

  • So the new end stops dont work either… light turns on and off but nothing detected from DuetWifi, dont know what to do 😞

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    In order to help you we need information about the endstops you have, for example photos of them and links to any documentation you have for them.

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