Musical Duet WiFi

  • I've just started playing around with the Duet 2 WiFi yesterday (moving on from RAMPS to the 21st century...) and I've been taking it slow getting to know it. Had some troubles with the heated bed taking too long and throwing an error but that was fixed with autotuning.

    Now when I'm near or on the steady state temperature on the bed it plays a song. I assume this is from the PWM and the specific tuning, but has anyone come across this before?

    Clip on YouTube

  • You could change the frequency to either be higher or lower which might render it inaudible. However that seemed surprisingly pronounced, curious what bed you're using and if the noise is having an electrical effect on things like nearby radios/tv/etc?

  • Thanks for the response. Do you mean change the PWM frequency? I haven't looked into it for this, just thought it was fixed/auto on the heaters.

    The current setup it is on uses a 12V PCB MK2B bed but it is topped off with a 405x305mm spring steel and PEI sheet, there's no insulation under the bed either, it is pretty much a test bench. The bed heats very slow, talking about 0.2 degrees increase per second.

    The power supply is an ATX one so maybe it is something to do with that. There are no electronics in that room apart from the printer setup and my phone so I can't really tell if anything else is affected.

  • Great, just changed the frequency to 20Hz with M905 and it is just a quiet buzzing now. Much better, thank you. 🙂

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