Fried driver Tmc2660

  • Nice, it seems like i fried my Z-Axis driver.

    Everything worked fine, and all of the sudden i saw a small spark and immediately plugged out the power supply.

    The motor current for Z was set to 1,5A, the Stepper I was using was a Nema17 2,5A,the Z was working fine the last days, i don't know what happened, but it was right after->

    Did i messed everything or is there a warranty? I'm not sure if it was a good idea to build the Z-Axis like i did, pls help :3

  • I'm sure Tony or David will be along shortly to comment, but in the meantime you might be able to get going again by mapping Z to a different driver.

    But you'll first want to check that there are no problems in your stepper motor wiring - pinched/shorted wires, intermittent connections, etc.

  • Edit: I'm using 24V, also my heatbed shows
    I just read in another thread that it could mean something with the VSSA fuse.

    Yes, I have Duex2, there is one free driver left, but first i want to be sure that i did nothing wrong 🙂

    It's 3:15 in Germany right now, I'll go to sleep, i't can wait till tomorrow/later the day


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    Where did you see the spark?

    Is the hot end temperature also reading -22C or thereabouts, or it is reading normally?

  • I didn't see the spark directly, it was a small flash and a little plopping noise near the Z connections of the board, after I cut the power supply there was a smell of fried electronics

    The Hotend reads normal, actually my duet is completely unplugged

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    If the hot end temperature is reading normally and it uses a thermistor for temperature measurement, then the VSSA fuse is ok.

    Please check that there is no possibility of a short in the Z motor wiring, and that the underside of the Duet isn't shorting against anything underneath it.

  • i checked everything, the hardware and the wiring was ok.

    i guess the way my Z Axis is built and the fact that i used 1/256 steps for Z could be the reason why, im not sure

    but the TMC2660 should handle 2,8A, and i'm sure there was no short or high-current drain

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    Ask your supplier to replace the Duet under warranty.

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