Duet 3 SBC ribbon wiring and power related questions

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    Duet3 6hc 1.0 + Duet 3 3hc 1.0 expansion board & Rasp. Pi 3 b+ (1080p DC powered Screen + keyboard and mouse hooked up to the 5v-pi)


    I made my way through a bunch of crimped Cables, soldering and pre-wiring to that point where i want to plug it in for its first life signs on a provisorical MDF sheet screwed on with usual female Pc motherboard distancer. (* for some angles i've taken smaller male head screws to prevent platine damage, especially on the SBC)
    is the ribbon cable orientation to the Pi correct , because it seems to be mirrored by its connectors when i compared it to Dozuki . May it varie?
    ![https://d17kynu4zpq5hy.cloudfront.net/igi/duet3d/DAaYVUhkqRXaqwwG.standard](image url)
    May i need to power the Raspberry by its own charging adapter and switch the the Jumpers on the duet for 5 V power Options, in case of the hooked up low power keyboard and mouse to the SBC, because 5 v is not enough for the mouse and its keyboard?
    It seems to be a bit confusing for me that it will boot up straight when i plug it in to the Charger but that's the way to go?

    Thanks for any further advices.

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    @Flex3D Yours looks correct to me. Both the picture here https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Getting_Started_With_Duet_3#Section_Wiring_Diagram and the one you linked have the red wire of the ribbon cable next to the CAN port on the Duet 3, and on the edge furthest from the USB ports on the RPi. As does yours. It's just your ribbon cable is turned backwards, rather than forwards, so it looks a bit different, but it's connected the same.


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    @Flex3D And yes, you can power the RPi from it's own PSU if you want, and the Duet separately. See the same section I linked above:

    On the version 1.0 and 0.6 board, jumpers are provided to allow you to select whether the Duet powers the Pi, the Pi powers the Duet, or neither.


  • @droftarts Thanks for the fast Reply. So i'll try to boot it up and check if the inputs 'll work with 5v to SBC.

  • Unless that mouse and keyboard are unusually hungry, they will work with the Duet powering the Pi via the Ribbon.

    I have a USB camera with lighting and a 7 inch touchscreen (with backlight) plugged into my Pi. No issues. They've got to draw a lot more than a K/M.

  • @droftarts @Danal Thanks. Works like a charme. IMAG0021[1].jpg

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