E0 Short to Ground

  • I am posting here in hopes that someone has a suggestion on how to fix my problem before I request a replacement Duet Wifi board from Filastruder.

    While doing my initial testing after receiving my new board I have confirmed that all drivers are working as expected except E0. When I hook a stepper motor up to that driver it sometimes shudders and sometimes moves erratically (G1 E10 F300 makes the motor move one direction and the second time it makes it move the opposite direction). After searching I found the M122 command and saw this line: "Driver 3: short-to-ground standstill". FWIW, this message shows only after I try to extrude for the first time. Prior to that it simply states: "Driver 3: standstill". I think that is expected, but I am not 100% sure.

    I am using the same stepper motor to test the drivers for X, E0 and E1 and only E0 is having this issue.

    The board itself is sitting on a piece of hard plastic so there is nothing conductive under it. Besides that this same issue occurs even if i am holding the board in the air (of course by only touching the edges of the board).

    I have even unplugged all of the other connections except the main power and the E0 driver. I have also used short bursts of compressed air in case a piece of stranded wire was hanging out somewhere on the board. All to no avail.

    Am I missing something in my diagnostic?

  • What occurs when you try to extrude with nothing connected to the E0 driver?

  • With no stepper motor connected to the E0 driver I get the same error: "Driver 3: short-to-ground standstill"

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    Ask Filastruder to replace the Duet, It sounds to me that it has a bad driver.

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