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    Is there a way I can set this to be sorted by time as right now I have no clue what is the response to the G-Code I just sent?

    9:04 ????????
    9:00 ???????
    8:57 ?!?!?!

    It's not even sorted inside the red/blue/green blocks ?!

    Any chance I can have here a real "terminal look", no need for coloring and interpretations, just what's sent and what's received?

    Not a big deal if it's not possible I'll just use a real terminal but if there is an option to do it it would be great.

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    I reported this incorrect time ordering some time ago and chrishamm fixed it. So I suspect that your version of DWC is out of date. 2.0.7 is current.

  • Awesome, Thanks. I'm on 2.0.4 I assumed I'm not smart enough to configure it properly. Will upgrade now.

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