DWC Plugin for Palette 2

  • Hi,

    Im building a Railcore at the moment and i know that there is no plugin available for palette 2 at the moment.

    Is there a way to use it in connected mode or are there plannings to release a plugin ?

    Thanks and have a good time.


  • Pallete 2 works two ways:

    1. The printer prints on its own, and the Pallete2 keeps "in sync" by counting retracts. In the case of most printers "on its own" means "from the SD card". In the case of a Duet "on its own" means "via DWC". Personally, I have never made this work with any reliability (with any printer).

    2. You run a Raspberry Pi that drives both the printer and the pallete via their respective USB ports. (This is actually a copy of octoprint with extra pallete plug ins) This works quite well. Of course, using USB bypasses most of the benefits of DWC... and therefore makes the concept of a DWC "plug in" for Pallete a non-thing.

    Therefore, I don't believe you will ever see a "DWC" plug--in.

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    OTOH, a Duet Software Framework plugin (for Duet 3 + RPi) would be possible.

  • @dc42 said in DWC Plugin for Palette 2:

    OTOH, a Duet Software Framework plugin (for Duet 3 + RPi) would be possible.

    What would it do?

    You could probably run the copy of Octoprint required to run the Pallete in mode (2) above, run that on the Duet's Pi. A plugin to that copy of Octoprint might eliminate the "USB" orientation of that interface and instead feed either the Duet Websocket or the DSF socket (the internal memory one) directly... but that would be an Octo plug in, not a DSF plugin.

    The only other way I see to "wire" this is to have a plugin in DSF that sends commands to the Pallete (Pi as USB host, Pallete as USB client). This plugin would need the file that comes from the Pallete Slicer/Post-processor, and all the logic involved in keeping the Duet printer and the Pallette in sync across the G-Code and Pallete files.

    This certainly seems like a duplicative maintenance nightmare, with no visible end-user functiona benefit. Especially when the Pallete people are providing and maintaining the Octo Plug in that does this exact same thing.

    Of course, I could be missing an alternative... 🙂

  • @Danal
    Oioioi thats quite complex.

    I run my palette 2 on several printer via octoprint. Thats good but my point as you noticed correctly was to use the benefits of dwc with this. It would be a bit of waste to have a great board and then block it because you need to be forced to use octoprint.

    Maybe there is a way in the future:)

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    @3DMakerHub said in DWC Plugin for Palette 2:

    Maybe there is a way in the future:)

    I suggest going to the Palette forums and expressing this desire so they know people want it. The last I checked they were interested, but there were no current plans to do anything about it. Perhaps with the Duet3 and the Rpi it would be easier for them to create a plugin for that rather than create something from scratch.

  • +1(000) 😉 I justed asked in the forum if there are any future plans.

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