Hi Everyone! I just bought a Duet WiFi to power my DIY corexy

  • Hello Everyone,

    Fresh member, first post 🙂

    Guess I'll do a short intro!

    My 3D adventure began somewhere second half last year where I got myself a CR10 S PRO.
    I quickly started upgrading this machine adding a bltouch, Z braces, Z rods sync, linear X rail, custom direct drive extruder etc. (Link to a video of the direct extruder: Click on me)

    After hitting speed limitations due to the bed moving for the Y and also wanting to print bigger than 300x300
    I stumbled upon CoreXY machines and decided to try and build one.

    I got a frame together, added rails and tested the Z movement yesterday!

    Since I've got good parts (meanwell 24v power supply, hotend etc.) on the CR10 S PRO I'll be taking that one apart for parts.
    I'll also be using its heated bed for now since I want to cut costs for now and think about what kind of bed I want.

    Eventually I'm aiming at 500x500x500 but I'll see how close I can get. (the frame is 3030 60cm on the 4 sides inside)

    The fun part

    I decided to get a Duet WiFi to power my creation since I read good things about it, liked the community and want to support Duet3D. You guys are doing great things!

    I hope my Duet arrives tomorrow and hope to have it hooked up for testing somewhere the next couple of weeks.
    I've read some documentation on configurating it but for a newbie it looks daunting! So I'll probably pop up here and there with questions on how I'm supposed to get it working 😸

    I look forward to being part of this community!

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    @Kaj Welcome! You'll find a wealth of enthusiasts, support and almost unlimited (and occasionally conflicting) advice here! I'm also in the early stages of building a CoreXY, in as much as I've built the frame. Going to go with a linear rail HEVO at the top, and the Jubilee kinematic bed and Z arrangement at the bottom. Or at least that's today's plan!


  • Thanks! I'll have to look up what kinematic bed and Z arrangement means!

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