Hot End Heater Fault

  • Originally I posted that my heater would fault after I started a print.

    Now I've gone through the wiring several times, and then I started getting errors while just trying to heat it. AutoTune works fine.

    So now I've replaced the heater cartridge. Still getting errors, I'm at a loss as to where to look next.

    You can see the temp graph is smooth

    Here are the results from auto tune and the error:

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    You are evidently running a 1.17 build of the firmware, but which one? If it isn't 1.17e then please upgrade to either that version or 1.18.1. I suggest you upgrade to 1.18.1 and re-run the auto tune.

    Is that graph from auto tune, or from trying to heat the hot end? If it's from trying to heat the hot end, what was the target temperature?

    Can you confirm that the print cooling fan was not running when you tried to heat the hot end?

    If all else fails, you can set the gain (A parameter in M307) lower than the 354.9 value that resulted from auto tuning, for example to 250 or 300.

    HTH David

  • Sorry forgot to include that information
    Running 1.17E
    The graph is from trying to heat to 235
    The hot end fan is running, but that hasn't changed- it was running when the printer was working.

    Tried the gain at 250 and it heated up but got so hot that I actually have smoke coming out the nozzle and it burned the ABS in there.

    I'm thinking I might try a new thermistor. It seems to read room temp fine.

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