IO pins capable of Analog input ?

  • I'm fairly new to duet so I am also new to the documentation but I did a search before posting so apologies if I missed something obvious. The only place where "analog" is mentioned on the hardware documentation talks how there is a separate input for z probe, so I assume that can be linked to ADC, one can also assume all thermistor inputs can be linked to ADC too but nothing about other pins.

    I have a list of pins on a duet2ethernet and while I can see which ones support PWM output I have no clue which ones can support analog input.

    zstop is the first one I'm interested in but general info must exist somewhere so I'd like a pointer to the information if it is available.


    ;// Duet 2 and DueX heater outputs
    ;exp.heater3, exp.8, !duex.e2heat, !duex.pwm1
    ;exp.heater4, exp.13, !duex.e3heat, !duex.pwm2
    ;exp.heater5, exp.18, !duex.e4heat, !duex.pwm3
    ;exp.heater6, exp.23, !duex.e5heat, !duex.pwm4
    ;exp.heater7, exp.31, !duex.e6heat, !duex.pwm5
    ;// Duet 2 and DueX temperature inputs
    ;e2temp, duex.e2temp, exp.thermistor3, exp.35
    ;e3temp, duex.e3temp, exp.thermistor4, exp.36
    ;e4temp, duex.e4temp, exp.thermistor5, exp.37
    ;e5temp, duex.e5temp, exp.thermistor6, exp.38
    ;e6temp, duex.e6temp, exp.thermistor7, exp.39
    ;// Duet 2 and DueX fan outputs
    ;// Endstop inputs
    ;exp.e2stop, exp.4
    ;exp.e3stop, exp.9, duex.cs6
    ;exp.e4stop, exp.14, duex.cs7
    ;exp.e5stop, exp.19, duex.cs8
    ;exp.e6stop, exp.24
    ;// Misc
    ;connlcd.encb, connlcd.3
    ;connlcd.enca, connlcd.4
    ;connsd.encsw, connsd.7
    ;exp.pb6, exp.29, duex.pb6
    ;// SPI CS
    ;spi.cs5, duex.cs5, exp.50
    ;spi.cs6, duex.cs6, exp.9
    ;spi.cs7, duex.cs7, exp.14
    ;spi.cs8, duex.cs8, exp.19
    ;// Pins on additional SX1509B expander

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    The only pins on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet for which the standard firmware supports analog input are the pin and the pins with 'temp' in the name.

  • Thanks. That solves it.

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