Original FlashForge Creator Pro Dual Extruder upgrade

  • So I am considering upgrading my FlashForge Creator Pro. It has all stock components except I upgraded to Swiss Micro hotends.

    It prints fine now, but it’s loud and I would like to possibly have WiFi access and maybe move to using gcode instead of x3d files.

    I have read through this foruM and while there is a ton of information - I am new to tinkering with upgrading this machine.

    So I am asking - anyone who has done this can you give me a list of Parts I would need to upgrade (I have all stock motors and heaters and boards)

    And how involved is the process to convert over - can I go to Marlin over sailfish?

    Do I really have to get a new power supply as some suggest.

    Or should I just leave it be and live with the noise.
    It’s a good printer and my first. And would love to be able to use it more, but it’s really loud compared to my others and so I use it sparingly even though I get great prints.

    Any help would be great -

  • Hi,

    I have converted my FFCP to DuetWifi, a few years ago (2017), and the results are great.
    The printer is super quiet now, and overall the performance are great.
    I love using the Duet, I think its the best upgrade you can make to a 3d printer.

    I am using E3D Hemera extruder, but you can also use the original extruder.

    Why do you consider to replace the original PSU? I am using the original MeanWell 350[W]

    You can search the forum for posts about the converting FFCP to use DuetWifi.
    here is one result: