Sensorless Homing Error: Operation failed

  • Hi,
    on my Duet 3 0.6 board with RRF 3.01-beta3, I am currently trying to get sensorless homing set up for X and Y so I can use the printer while trying to come up with a mount for normal endstop. My suspicions about sensorless homing don't seem unfounded because at times while the motor stalls, I get

    G28 Y Error: Operation failed (Reason: Transport endpoint is not connected)

    At this point, any attempts to send commands to the board are stuck (i.e. the spinner on the send button in the dashboard keeps spinning). Files and status from the printer still update in DWC

    and after that, no more connectivity between the duet3 board and the raspberry pi until I reboot the pi. I had to completely power down the boards (connected via ribbon cable, Pi gets power from the duet3 board) to get the system up again.

    The issue seems to be that if you don't cause a stall event within the home*.g quickly enough, the communications between the board and the SBC fail. As I am cleaning up my scripts and make sure the endstop positions are right and the travel moves are far enough, the error starts ceasing.

    Is there a way to recover from the Transport endpoint is not connected error without a full power cycle?

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    Please upgrade RRF to 3.01-RC1 and DSF to and try again.

  • Same issue with 3.01-RC1 -- system already was on DSF 1.2.4


    PS I figured out by now that systemctl restart duetcontrolserver.service is enough to make the system respond to commands issued via DWC again. duetcontrolserver's logs don't seem to log anything specific:

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    One for @chrishamm I think.

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