New to Reprap and Duet.....thank you.

  • Hi everyone,

    I’ve just started learning Reprap firmware and Duet architecture this week. Have some simple printers that I am working on starting a home business with and, with the help of Ali and, got turned onto Duet3D.

    My printers are my 1.5 year old Creality CR10S, and my two recently purchased Creality Ender5Pro and Plus.

    In the Late fall of 2019 I bought an MKS board and touch screen. Never got it installed. Was getting tired of Marlin. So I bought a Duet 2 Wifi. Christmas came around and I never actually installed it on its intended printer, the CR10S.

    Well, this week I finally did. Learned my way through all the setup and software. Once you get to know the basics of the firmware, and the web control, it makes Marlin look like an Abacus.

    So I picked two Duet Maestros for my two ender based printers.

    Halfway through the E5Pro, and will get to the Plus this weekend.

    So I just wanted to say hello, and I look forward to discovering what firmware and hardware can do.


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    Thanks for the feedback!

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