Using Linear Motors with Duet3

  • Hi,

    We are currently looking into some movements options for our upcoming printer, and wanted to know if Linear motors such as HIWIN Linear motors are compatible with the Duet 3. From what I can tell the Linear motors are closed loop where a rotary encoder is used so that the movement is much more accurate. Is it possible to pass this information to the duet.

    Another option we had was Linear stepper motors, which would be easier to use with the duet board, but questioning the accuracy of the rails, during movement.

    If anyone know of any others out there, please let me know.


  • You would need to find servo drives that take step and direction inputs, and then use an expansion board for external drives. The duet does not support driving a linear servo directly, as it has integrated stepper drives. You could probably use linear steppers as long as they are bipolar, 4 wire motors.

    With that being said, what is the need for using linear motors? Essentium uses linear motors for their "HSE 180" system and their prints look awful, disgusting, and just depressing. At least, the one I saw in person, and in their videos.

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