Any duet wifi going spare?

  • If anyone (UK preferably) has bought a duet ethernet to replace a duetwifi (maybe they were having wifi problems) and wants to sell on their duetwifi board I'll buy it. I'd like a second board and haven't really had any wifi issues.

  • Think3DPrint3D might have a few that failed testing or have a single blown stepper or something.

  • Thanks I'll consider it. Offer still open if anyone wants to shift one on.

  • I have additional few boards due to not knowing that the reason vssa fuse was replaceable :), and am very interested in some setups involving last rails on my delta (looking for cnc's parts such as those created by mhackney on his venture into outfitting his max metal frame to linear rails, in addition to a your latest iteration of the hotend innovation that you gave been doing (check your PM's). I'd be inclined to hook you up for a trade that you'd end up coming away ahead fruit sure just to say thank you for your research and sharing with everyone. Let's talk, I will hook you up for sure.

  • PM'd you on reprap but Ill send another in light of this thanks.

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