Bed heater temp is not working after switch to RRF config 3.0

  • Hi!
    I have now found out that i had been running on firmware 3 configuring it with a file created with the version 2 configurator.
    It is something that should not be possible to happen when at my age and so many years with computers and electronics but it did...... 😞
    However i have now have improved myself by running the right version of the configurator.
    But immediatly something is not right, the temperature of the bed is -273.1 degrees , filament heater is ok with 20.6 degrees. If i swap the termistor connectors there is no change. I had this working previously though.
    I have a sparkcube v1.1 XL
    It's a corexy with three zaxis motors
    Any idea's of what this is?

  • Your config looks good. I assume this is a Duet 2?

    Is bed thermistor plugged in here:


  • Yes, it's plugged in there now and it's working, sorry for the loss of your time

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