Pressure Advance, First Layer, and Firmware Upgrade

  • So I ended up trying to calibrate pressure advance using the methods described in the documentation using a 100x100x40 empty cube in PrusaSlicer. Using 2 perimeters, and 2mm retraction (note ~600mm bowden tube with capricorn tubing) I only ended up with a ridge at the seam.

    Please see images here:

    You can see the ridge - so I am not sure what to do with this. Is my pressure advance range 0 to 0.35 too low? I do have non-linear extrusion configured. Is the retraction too low?

    I have had some 'eyes' from the large mega man created last year from one of the large youtube channels. You can see the image at the end of the images. There is no pressure advance here, but there are artifacts here.

    The second issue that popped up is the first layer. You can see plenty of images of it, I don't know if this is related to the pressure advance or the artifacts on the "eyes". There is a video where you can see it potentially from another angle:

    The last thing I did - which I don't know if it will affect anything related to this in the future is upgrading from RRF2 to 3: Updated config: - it looks like the port for the smart effector wasn't mentioned anywhere in the documentation but the configurator generates the right port so I copied that. Any comments on this would be appreciated - in case I missed something.

  • In your slicer configuration, do you use the option of 'print outer wall first'? If yes, try disabling that to eliminate the ridge.
    Some of the pictures show over extrusion on the first layer. It's very counter-intuitive (at least for me) but when you see the print kinda bubbling up, that is from extruding too much. The stream of soft plastic kinda bounces off the build plate and isn't laid down flat. Try playing with the extrusion factor.
    Last but not least, go way higher on your pressure advance to see what the right range is that you need to concentrate on. Try covering from 0.1 to 1.0. I use 0.9 for 800 mm Capricorn tubing.

  • @jens55 After calibrating esteps, the only other thing I usually do (didn’t this time) is print a single or doubled walled vase mode cube to see if the width is what it is expecting. Although that one seems a little more of a cuts oriented method.

    Do you know any other methods of doing that?

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    @zzing said in Pressure Advance, First Layer, and Firmware Upgrade:

    I do have non-linear extrusion configured.

    Please try again with that disabled. What was the symptom you were trying to resolve with non-linear extrusion?

    From your image of the ridge it looks like the ridge is starting to get less near the top, where I presume the PA value is the highest. Try values from 0.35 to 0.7.

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