Duet 0.6 Max VIN current?

  • I have been upgrading my Ormerod 2 over the years, to the point that all that now remains of the original is the duet 0.6 and power supply.

    I recently (after adding a Prusa heatbed) began having lots of connectivity issues with the Duet as soon as the heaters were running, and when I did the calculations I realised that my cumulative upgrades have made the 12V 200W PSU underpowered for the system, I would need at least 335W.

    I haven't been able to find any max VIN current for the Duet 0.6, only the 2A per stepper and

    Would the Duet 0.6 with Duet shield and separate 5V board per Ormerod 2 specs pose a problem to simply swapping the PSU out for a 12V 350W model?

    Also, these are likely symptoms of the duet being power starved, right? As opposed to giving up the ghost in general?

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  • @dc42 Thanks, that's the guide I was using.

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