Duet 2 becomes unresponsive

  • Hi, I'm currently sending G-Code to the Duet 2 Ethernet through the PanelDue Pins. The duet works fine but sometimes becomes completely unresponsive. After connecting the Duet 2 Ethernet to the Web control, I have noticed that there is a Stack underflow error that appears first and then after a while the Duet 2 would become unresponsive after sending a couple more lines of G-Code through the PanelDue Pins.

    I have attached the Console log to this post. It starts off normal and then after the Stack underflow error, sometime later the Duet 2 starts becoming unresponsive to the M122 commands in the WebControl but, it is still responsive to the commands sent by PanelDue. The Duet starts disconnecting and connecting with Webcontrol but is still reponsive with PanelDue until later where the Duet becomes completely unresponsive.

    After tracking down the commands I am sending that causes the Stack underflow, I found it was M408: Report JSON-style response. But, all G-codes sent by Paneldue is still responded by the Duet. What could be the issue that is causing the Duet 2 to start becoming unresponsive? Thanks.

    console (4).txt

  • @Sytek Edit - The Duet freezes without the thermal warnings and the stack underflow command. The commands I'm sending to the Duet from the PanelDue are just Move and M408: Report JSON. The config file was made quite along time ago and the firmware was recently updated.