PanelDue 5i touch not working

  • Hello,

    I've started 2 days ago with the installation of my duet maestro and everyone is going swimmingly.
    yesterday I did install the paneldue 5i, it works perfectly and everything is set up to a minimum before a firmware update that I want to do the next day.

    The next day comes around, I install the paneldue in a recommended model to hold it and start the controller. Everything seems fine. Except one thing, the touch doesn't work.
    The screen itself works perfectly and I see everything from the webinterface updating as it should.
    I tried updating the firmware, That worked, but now I'm stuck at the touch calibration screen, without a working touch element. I'm stuck.

    Any input on it? I suspect a problem on the flexible pcb element.

    update: I did find a small crack on the right bottom corner of the tft screen. could this be the issue?Here is a link to an image of it

  • I haven't seen the schematic but I suspect the touch interface is the smallest 4 conductor flat flex is for the touch. I'd be surprised if the crack in the glass outside the touch area would affect use. Maybe see if you can get a close up of the flex?

  • I got a multimeter to those 4 points but the solder on them is still fine.
    Are there any values I have to look for to confirm function?

  • Not sure what the nominal value would be, but it might change if you tap the screen?

  • they do change in the mA (Edit: mV not mA) value, so it's prossibly not a connector issue to the rest of the flexible pcb, but on the rest of the controller on the flexible pcb itself or the pcb in general.

  • I've searched a bit through some threads and I came up to a thread that also mentioned a small cracked portion on the screen:

    That's possibly the reason, I'm not sure though.
    I'm probably gonna send it back for waranty now.

  • Did you take it out of the housing? Perhaps the housing was pressing on the screen.

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